Customer Focus to the Energy Value Chain


VaasaETT is a leading international specialist research and advisory company. We analyse and model experience and thought leadership from around the globe to drive customer focus into the energy utilities value chain. We focus on building value for and from customers through Competition and the Development of Smart, backed by our world class market monitoring and unmatched insight into customers.



Quick Facts


    1. We track 60 markets globally (every liberalised market since they opened). We have followed more energy markets, in more detail, for a longer time than any other organization in our area of focus.
    2. Our team has served hundreds of clients in five continents.
    3. We are the World’s leading analysts of smart programmes (500+)
    4. We are Europe’s leading source of up-to date household energy prices.
    5. We are the World’s leading source of switching analysis (and the source of Europe’s definition of Switching).
    6. We co-founded and ran the European Smart Energy Demand Coalition until 2014.
    7. Our global sourcing network includes over 100 countries in six continents.


Nordic Market Entry Barriers. Tell us what you think!

VaasaETT on behalf of NordREG* is currently mapping the processes and barriers facing electricity suppliers and energy service companies entering and developing in the Nordic electricity markets.

We would like to learn from the experiences of those who have entered one or more of the Nordic electricity markets (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden), are in the process of doing so, or have started and then changed their mind. If you represent an electricity supplier of any kind, an energy service company, or even a switching service and want to tell us your story, then we would like to hear from you. We are currently conducting a survey, which you can take part in via this link. We are interested in experiences of those who have entered one or more Nordic electricity market from another, and also those who have entered the Nordic market from outside the Nordic region. We are interested in those serving small or large customers. Through this research NordREG will be able to make informed decisions to help enhance and optimise competition in the Nordic region. This is your chance to play a role in the future of the market. Both initial requirements and requirements on a day-to-day business basis will be researched.

Take part in the survey here!


For more information or to take part in the research, please contact Dr Philip Lewis at or call: +358449066820.

*NordREG is the organisation for the Nordic energy regulators which actively promotes legal and institutional framework and conditions necessary for developing and harmonising the Nordic electricity market.


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