Victoria sets Global Benchmark for Customer Switching

MEDIA RELEASE (10 May, 2010) by the ERAA about latest VaasaETT Switch Data

Annualised customer switching in the retail energy market in Victoria in 2009 was the highest ever recorded in a fully contestable market according to world authority on retail energy markets, The VaasaETT Global Energy Think-Tank.

Download the Full Release (ERAA – Energy Retailers Association of Australia)

The data referred to in this press release relates to data collected as part of the SwitchstatsAustralia scheme by VaasaETT in collaboration with the ERAA and the 10 leading Australian energy retailers. This data and data from nearly all the liberalised electricity and gas markets around the world will be summarised in the forthcoming Global Energy Retail Market Rankings Report 2010, published by VaasaETT, June 2010. For more information and to subscribe (free) for the new report, please visit:


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