VaasaETT continuously collects best practice from around the world, through international projects and also through our unrivalled global research. For instance VaasaETT has surveyed nearly 1000 smart grid, energy efficiency and customer engagement programmes and collects regular information on prices, sales methods, non-price offerings and new business models. In 2010-2011 for example we conducted the world's largest analysis of demand response programmes for some of the industries largest players. In 2012 and 2014 we continued into also researching energy efficiency programmes globally for the European Smart Meter Industry Group and UK's BEAMA. In 2013 we were selected by Ventyx (ABB) to conduct the world's largest analysis of the ROI from smart grid, investigating 200 projects globally to find the where, why and how of best practice in smart grid. In 2014 we cooperated with our Australian partners Marchment-Hill Consulting over the World's largest review of renewable integration projects for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. In 2015 we conducted the world's largest review of customer engagement programmes.