Who is paying the most? Who is paying the least? And where are prices heading in Europe?

Energy price monitoring project

The VaasaETT Energy Price Monitoring Project is a an ongoing electricity market price monitoring service that includes multiple sub projects researching electricity and gas prices for households and other customer segments. Put simply VaasaETT collects prices from around Europe and beyond in order to understand comparative price structures, levels, trends and dynamics. This in-depth price information - the most extensive and of its kind in Europe - is both historical and right up-to-date enabling current and historical benchmarking and analysis. This project also provides pricing data for other research areas such as consumer price elasticity modelling, margins dynamics analysis and competition impact assessment.

In addition to the HEPI project introduced below, we also do price data collection to European Commission (see section above "Data for European Commission")


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The objective of the project is to track monthly European household electricity and gas prices in 29 European countries. The project is performed by VaasaETT in collaboration with Energie-Control Austria and Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority.

To correct for a persistent lack of current, frequently updated and methodologically reliable information on household prices for both electricity and gas at the European level, the Austrian energy regulator Energie-Control Austria and the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority MEKH have commissioned VaasaETT to compile and publish electricity and gas price-rankings in 32 European capital cities on a monthly basis starting from January 2009 with the EU15 countries and gradually expanded to the rest of the EU and to members of the European Energy Community and Switzerland. This study is known under the name “Household Energy Price Index" (HEPI).

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