Identifying Best Practice

Since before the first mass smart meter rollout we have been focusing on smart issues. Not surprising then that VaasaETT's Dr Philip Lewis was named by Metering and Smart Grid International as one of the World's most influential people in Smart Grid and appointed to the World Economic Forum's Council on the Future of Electricity. 


VaasaETT's vision is not only to follow the trends but to help develop them. For this reason, VaasaETT has worked globally with many leading international projects and players and also analysed over 500 programmes relating to various aspects of smart including demand response, energy efficiency, smart billing, smart meter roll-out to name a few. 

 Smart Grid Global Impact Project by VaasaETT for Ventyx/ABB.

Smart Grid Global Impact Project by VaasaETT for Ventyx/ABB.

helping new start-ups

VaasaETT is currently working with numerous new start-ups and other recent market entrants, working together to build the future.

Co-Founder of Europe's Demand Side Peak Body

We don't just talk the talk, we also make things happen, through the strategies and solutions we help to develop but also through helping the whole industry to move together. VaasaETT co-founded (together with Siemens) Europe’s Demand Side voice in Europe, the Smart Energy Europe (smartEN) which represents 49 of the leading players in the market including ENEL, EDF,  Siemens, Honeywell, Schneider Electric, Enernoc, Alstom, Opower and Landys & Gyr.

 VaasaETT co-founded the smartEn:

VaasaETT co-founded the smartEn:

Coordinating Development

All our projects are part of an ongoing and coordinated strategy to understand customer focused smart developments better than any other organisation. And the focus goes way beyond the elements of smart and into business models in the present and future and the plethora of products and services that accompany them