VaasaETT conducts a wide variety of market monitoring research and has done so for many years. Some of this information is made available to the public. From prices and savings to churn, margins, the number of players and market shares, regulations and barriers to entry, smart (e.g. energy efficiency, demand response, smart home, smart grid) programmes and offerings, new business models, customer engagement approaches,  to name but a few. In fact VaasaETT collects information on hundreds of data sets, programmes, offerings and cases from liberalised (especially) and other electricity and markets around the world. 

Furthermore many of the data sets are collected every month, quarter or annually, it is kept highly up to date and a significant proportion of it has been collected regularly for many years, in some cases since those markets opened (for instance we have collected quarterly residential switch/churn rates in all liberalised markets since each market fully liberalised; and we have collected monthly price data from most European markets since 2009 or even since the time of market liberalisation).

VaasaETT's market monitoring reach is not only among the best in the industry, but for a lot of data sets, our data is either unique, higher quality, greater frequency or more global in coverage than is available from any other source anywhere in the world.

But if we do not have the data that you need then we can normally obtain it through our massive global reach to sources and experts.