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We Track More Markets in More Detail

We have tracked nearly every liberalised market since or before the onset of competition.  In total though, we research some 60 markets globally including markets that are soon to liberalise and those that are otherwise interesting. Dr Lewis, for instance, was head of marketing analysis and research for a leading utility player in Great Britain during the opening of the market and later edited the world's first comprehensive review of global energy competition in 2001, bringing together over 70 expert writers from all liberalised and liberalising markets. 

Proud member of the Global Agenda CounciL on the Future of Electricity

Read more about the prediction made by VaasaETT's Philip Lewis together with a group of diverse and world-leading experts of WEF Global Agenda Council regarding the Future of Electricity in 2030 "Global Agenda Council on the Future of Electricity: Busting the Myth for Transformation"

Highly respected Information for the Energy INdustry

VaasaETT's energy market monitoring is used by organisations such as the European Commission (for instance we are the official source of up-to-date residential price information for the European commission), World Energy Council and IEA and our World Retail Energy Market Rankings is the defacto view of global churn activity. We have also conducted various market reviews for regulators and governments. Our market analysis is though also heavily used by utilities, vendors and other organisations to understand and current and changing dynamics of their markets.

Latest example is Platts, McGraw Hill Financial's Power in Europe that provides an up-to-date, detailed assessment of the market sector.
VaasaETT's Household Energy Price Index project was widely referred in ISSUE 723 / APRIL 11, 2016.