A selection of our recently completed past projects is summarised below. A more complete list of projects can be found in REFERENCES. For more information please feel free to contact us.

ADVANCED (European Commission Funded Project)

Innovative European funded (FP7) project aiming to further the mass deployment of active demand (AD) programs in Europe through enhanced customer engagement. Consortium partners included ENEL, ERDF, RWE, Iberdrola, Enernoc, TNS, TNO, Comillas, FEEM and VaasaETT. VaasaETT was the project’s technical manager, helped design the research methodology and led the customer engagement and segmentation work package. Visit the ADVANCED website for results and reports

ARENA (Australian Government)

VaasaETT in collaboration with Marchment-Hill Consulting of Australia conducted the World's largest (to date) stocktake and analysis of 150 renewable energy integration related projects. A large proportion of the projects were focused on the use of demand side measures (including demand response and energy efficiency) to facilitate the integration of distributed renewables. Visit Arena's website to download the Report

Australian Government (Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning)

In collaboration with KPMG, we conducted an international market research on retail market competition and consumer engagement best practices for the Victorian government. Download the report


VaasaETT was commissioned to assess and model the use and value of energy monitors in Great Britain by identifying the potential impact of In Home Displays and other consumption feedback devices on consumption levels and emissions. The final report was presented in parliament to the UK energy minister. Visit Beama's website to download the Report

CapGemini - World Energy Markets Observatory

VaasaETT has collaborated since 2010 with Capgemini, I4CE and De Pardieu Brocas Maffei on WEMO, which is an annual publication monitoring the main indicators of the electricity and gas markets in Europe, North America, Australia and South-east Asia, and reports on the developments and transformations in these sectors. VaasaETT has provided material to the retail chapters and more specifically to the switching and retail price development chapters. View the 2016-17 Edition of WEMO.


The CASSANDRA project built a platform for the realistic DR and Energy Efficiency modelling of energy market stakeholders and consumer behaviour, providing users with the ability to test and benchmark working scenarios that can affect system operation and company/environmental policies at different levels of abstraction, starting from a basic level (single consumer) and shifting up to large consumer areas (i.e. a city). Visit the Cassandra website for results and reports


VaasaETT analysed the impact of different Switching systems and processes in liberalised electricity and gas markets around the World. The efficacy of Centralised vs. other switching models was investigated. Report available on application depending on applicant status.


A major multi-partner EU-funded project to develop a cross border balancing market platform to develop commercial/industrial Demand Response. VaasasETT’s partners in this project are SAP, Telecom Slovenije (Slovenia’s largest telekom company), Elektro Ljubljana (Slovenia’s largest energy utility company), Cybergrid, Austrian Power Grid, Borzen (Slovenia’s power market operator), the Austrian Institute of Technology, RSE, Eles, Sauper and Xlab. 
Visit the project deliverables and research publications.

ESMIG (European smart meter industry group) - EMPOWER Project 

Two major research projects identified best practice and  potential in demand-side programmes and offerings (including energy efficiency and demand response). The first project conducted the World's most comprehensive meta survey and analysis of demand side programmes, and the second identified new approaches to preparing the public for the smart future in ways that enable consumers to make more informed decisions and better use of smart energy demand infrastructure when it arrives. The latter project was to discover the potential and best practices of a range of feedback and dynamic pricing programs and investigate the qualitative issues concerning how best to empower consumers to reduce consumption through a more intelligent approach. See ESMIG press release explaining the project    Download the first report     Download the Second Report     


EU funded R&D project within the Horizon2020 framework. The key aim of this project was to develop an advanced and integral user-centred framework for the implementation of efficient energy feedback programmes in the residential area. The project will engage with residential electricity consumers across Europe to achieve more sustainable energy consumption. View the final NATCONSUMERS Handbook

NORDREG (Nordic energy regulators)

The Nordic Energy Regulators (NordREG) commissioned VaasaETT to research Barriers to Entry into and between the Nordic Markets, namely Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. VaasaETT mapped the regulatory framework and other conditions that a supplier and energy service provider faces when entering the national Nordic electricity markets from within or beyond the Nordic region. Visit the NordREG website to download the Report

NVE NORWAY (Norwegian Energy Regulator) 

VaasaETT, commissioned by The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) to assess the potential of energy consumption feedback in Norway. VaasaETT analysed 91 relevant samples from energy consumption feedback programmes around Europe and elsewhere (including also Norway), relating to over 30.000 energy consumers and modelled the results onto the Norwegian market. Visit the NVE website to Read the official NVE press release (in Norwegian)  and  Download the report (note: the cover pages are in Norwegian but the report is in English) 

NVE also commissioned VaasaETT to research the potential of home automation technology to reduce electricity consumption and manage peak demand in Norway, both at household level and aggregated at national level. For the research, we used the VaasaETT Pilot Database: it is an up‐to‐date database consisting of, at the time of writing in 2017, close to 140 EE and DR programs around the world, including 569 samples, and involving over 930,000 residential customers. The database compiles the findings of both feedback and dynamic pricing programs with and without appliance automation.

RSB (Regulation and supervision bureau - abu dhabi)

Energy Time of Day Trial and Post Trial Data Analysis report was prepared for the Regulation and Supervision Bureau for the Water, Wastewater and Electricity Sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Results were measured through the quantitative analysis of demand response and overall energy conservation. They are intended to inform the Bureau with respect to future decisions associated with time-sensitive prices including the potential application of TOD pricing structure and associated consumer communications. 


The Smart Grid Global Impact project analysed 200 smart grid projects around the world and uncovered key findings. The report also includes criteria-based evaluation and in depth analysis of the 30 leading projects. The reports presents return-on-investment results, characteristics of successful smart grids and a ranking of selected projects, and highlights best-practice case studies to allow the reader to learn from the world's most innovative utilities. The report is currently available at the U.S. Department of Energy's SMARTGRID.gov website