A Proven Track Record


VaasaETT’s recent client list spans over 30 countries and four continents.

During the past few years VaasaETT’s paying clients have included for instance EDF, Duke Energy, British Gas, BC Hydro, RWE Npower, SEAS-NVE, EON, Panasonic, NUON, Microsoft, ONZO, EnerjiSA, Hansen Technologies, European Commission, E-Control (Austrian Regulator), GEN-I, CRIEPI (Central Research Institute of the Electric Power Industry of Japan), Landys & Gyr, Fortum, Trondheim Energi, Bord Gais Energy, Schneider Electric, Union Fenosa-Gas Natural, ADEME / World Energy Council (WEC), DECC (Department of Environment and Climate Change, UK), NordREG (Nordic Energy Regulators), ESMIG, Israel Electric, Energi Midt, PSE Operator (Poland) and Capgemini.

These are in addition to the large number of paying attendees at our own and partnered events, which have included utilities and other experts from around the world. This list is also in addition to all those organizations that VaasaETT has cooperated with in Round-tables and other partnerships. It also excludes all those organizations who are part of the SEDC (Smart Energy Demand Coalition).

Before coming to VaasaETT our staff have additionally designed and managed major projects for more than one hundred organizations including for instance, Shell, Nokia, Electrabel, BP, ERGEG (European Regulators Group for Electricity and Gas), the Finnish Ministry of Trade and Industry, ENECO and ABB.


Selected Testimonials

“Many thanks to the team! Timely delivery and high quality work, as always.” Dinko Raytchev, Directorate General for Energy, European Commission, 2015.

“We’ve now spent some time going through these materials and they look great.  This is everything we had hoped for!  […] Thanks very much for all the hard work you and your team put into this.  We are very pleased with the final result.”  Mars Hanna, Senior Manager, Regulatory Analysis & Strategy, Opower.

“VaasaETT delivered outstanding strategic support to EnerjiSA. Our expectations we exceeded and our objectives completely fulfilled. In my experience VaasaETT are quite simply the best in their field.” Armanc Ekinci, Head of Strategy and Business Development, EnerjiSA, Turkey

“Your works are always interesting and extremely useful…”  Luca Marchisio, Vice President Marketing, ENEL, Italy

“We use data from the Utility Customer Switching Research Project to evaluate the success of Australian markets and the level of competitive activity”   Cameron O’Reilly, Energy Retailers Association of Australia, Australia

“…The depth of content and speed of which the report was assimilated was remarkable and of great value to us”  Pádraig Fleming, Director of Regulation, Borgais (large Irish Gas and Electricity Utility), Ireland

“We are particularly impressed with VaasaETT’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of consumer related issues…”  Walter Boltz, Director General, E-Control (Austrian Energy Regulator), Austria

“…by some distance my best source for information on Europe’s energy retail markets, with an unparalleled grasp of subject matter and ability to express complex issues in clear language.”  Henry Edwardes-Evans, managing editor, Power in Europe, Platts

“…The results were of high quality and very usable for us.”, Pieter Wijnmaalen, ENECO (Netherlands Utility)

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Selection of past Clients and Partners




Examples of Completed Past Projects


Please view the list of selected projects that VaasaETT completed in the past here.


Publicly Available Publications


The following lists contain only publicly available publications written in part or full by VaasaETT and or its staff. They show the wealth and breadth of knowledge and expertise that has been developed by our staff throughout their careers. Please note that some of the following publications were not written while the writers were working for VaasaETT. Some recent activities may also not have been included yet. If you would like to obtain a given publication please first visit: www.energydatastore.com to see if it is there, and if not please contact firstcontact@vaasaett.com.

View the publications here.


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