SEDC Coalition


  The Smart Energy Demand Coalition (SEDC) is a representative industry group dedicated to promoting the requirements of demand side programs in the European electricity markets. Through this community, the Coalition will bring forward useful information on price responsive loads, program and technology experience, market structures, and market rules. This will include information on market participants’ roles, consumer needs and actions, enabling technologies, and specific programs as appropriate.  The intelligent cooperation between consumption, transmission & distribution and generation, acting as equal partners in a holistic energy eco-system, forms the heart of the Smart Grid. The SEDC Vision is to promote the active participation by the demand side in European electricity markets – ensure consumer benefits, increase security of supply and reduce carbon emissions.


Membership in the Smart Energy Demand Coalition is open to all parties. There are two levels of membership: Executive and Associate. In addition to being a visible supporter of demand side programs, education and outreach, members receive a number of benefits:


As a member of the SEDC you will receive free or discounted registration to SEDC events as well as free access to Webinars held frequently throughout the year. You will also be invited to attend SEDC member-only events and retreats.

Contributions to EU policy making

The SEDC participates actively in the European policy making process, The organization participates in a number of EU policy making and advisory forums, and frequently comments on European as well as national energy policy through position papers and responses to public consultations. The SEDC holds periodic expert workshops and briefings for policy makers. It cooperates with the European Commission and others, to hold expert seminars. These institutions appreciate the competence and integrity offered by SEDC’s network of members.

Information and Research

Membership includes access to a private SEDC website that can be used to search for information by topic, country or company. A member-only newsletter goes out bi-monthly and many other developments are reported on via special bulletins, so you receive a continual flow of information on the latest policy and business developments relative to demand response and smart grid. SEDC staff is also available to assist members with their information needs.


SEDC Members receive significant amounts of publicity and visibility as supporters of smart energy demand programs. Members are listed on all press releases and other documents.


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