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March 1, 2017
European Commission's DG Ener renews retail market monitoring contract with VaasaETT by Hanna Launonen, Junior Analyst, VaasaETT


March 9, 2016
European Commission renews contract with VaasaETT for European retail market monitoring by Hanna Launonen, Marketing and Research Assistant, VaasaETT

Feb 20, 2016
World Economic Forum Electricity Council Predictions for 2030 by Dr Philip Lewis, Founder & CEO, VaasaETT

Feb 4, 2016
Why big electricity price rises are unsustainable by Dr Philip Lewis, Founder & CEO, VaasaETT


Jan 6, 2016
Why electric vehicles will drive the future of energy by Dr Philip Lewis, Founder & CEO, VaasaETT

Dec 28, 2015
Imagine if consumers could store a year's worth of electricity for 1€ by Dr Philip Lewis, Founder & CEO, VaasaETT

Dec 18, 2015
Global Switching rate at record high by Dr Philip Lewis, Founder & CEO, VaasaETT

The launch of the first ever European Utility Industry Awards was launched on 4 Nov 2015. From over 150 entries, 5 award category winners were announced at a ceremony hosted by Dr Philip Lewis, our CEO