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Who are we?

VaasaETT is a research and advisory firm supporting consumer centric energy markets and solutions around the globe. Our focus on the combination and interplay of consumer behaviour and psychology, competitive energy market dynamics and the development and marketing of smart and other offerings is unique and we are world and European leaders in our fields. Through our global network and 19 years of market monitoring, VaasaETT brings experience and best practice from over 60 markets to our clients across five continents.


Selected Videos

Dr Lewis chairing the final panel at Powershift, Dublin, 18 September, 2015. This Summit, hosted by the IIEA and ESB, brought together national and international thought leaders, expert policymakers, high-level officials and leading industry figures to discuss the transformative changes currently taking place in the energy sector.

The consumer benefits of smart metering 

Marina Lombardi talks to Dr Philip Lewis, CEO of VaasaETT, about the EU funded ADVANCED FP7 Project.

Why energy customers want smart pricing


Our ground breaking research into energy consumer behaviour and psychology in liberalised energy markets began with the onset of competition nearly 20 years ago. Dr Lewis for instance was even the author of Europe's official definition of Switching and VaasaETT is recognised as the World's leading analysts of churn dynamics and leading international experts in other aspects of energy consumer behaviour.


We have tracked nearly every liberalised market since or before the onset of competition.  In total though we research some 60 markets globally including markets that are soon to liberalise and those that are otherwise interesting. Dr Lewis for instance was head of marketing analysis and research for a leading utility player in Great Britain during the opening of the market and later edited the World's first comprehensive review of global energy competition in 2001, bringing together over 70 expert writers from all liberalised and liberalising markets. 

VaasaETT's energy market monitoring is used by organisations such as the European Commission (for instance we are the official source of up-to-date residential price information for the European commission), World Energy Council and IEA and our World Retail Energy Market Rankings is the defacto view of global churn activity. We have also conducted various market reviews for regulators and governments. Our market analysis is though also heavily used by utilities, vendors and other organisations to understand and current and changing dynamics of their markets. 


VaasaETT ultimately focuses on developing new and better ways of competing and building value for all market participants. We understand consumers around the globe, we monitor what is offered to them, how and with what success and we then identify, develop and implement best practice in practice, helping utilities and vendors to develop strategies, products and services. VaasaETT for instance has surveyed nearly 1000 smart grid, energy efficiency and customer engagement programmes and collects regular information on prices, sales methods, non-price offerings and new business models.

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