The Utility Customer Switching Research Project (UCSRP), founded jointly in 2004 by Dr Philip E. Lewis and Paul Grey, monitors switch rates and trends in all fully liberalised energy retail markets worldwide. It was the first and remains to this day the only global view of utility customer switching activity, as well as being the most comprehensive and uniform source of comparable switching statistics in the electricity and gas markets worldwide.

It is the world’s only comprehensive, up-to-date, uniform and comparable view of utility customer switching activity in electricity and gas markets. In 2014 VaasaETT will be tracking switching in 41 markets and ranking 39  through the addition of Japan, Turkey and Serbia. For all the markets we track we have switch trend data since those markets became fully liberalised (when all customers in the market were free to choose energy supplier/retailer). Both residential and I&C switch rates are covered separately, although only aggregated switch rates are published publicly. A few markets, such as Alberta, Canada, and New York are recorded but not included in the rankings due to irreconcilable data comparability issues or data availability issues.


The Utility Customer Switching Research Project is a very broad, ongoing project with many objectives. The project:

  • Measures, compares and benchmarks customer switch rates, including also market activity and market success
  • Reveals customer switching trends
  • Analyses customer switching dynamics and drivers
  • Identifies and understands the factors promoting and hindering competitive retail activity
  • Models customer loyalty and switching behaviour (churn) in order to estimate, project and predict future switching
  • Supports all stakeholders through providing knowledge to support the development of successful competitive energy markets
  • Insights, best practice, prescriptions and direct support for regulators, governments and other strategy and policy makers
  • Insights, best practice, prescriptions and direct strategic support concerning customer acquisition and retention strategies for retailers (utilities).

The Utility Customer Switching Research Project has led to the development of what we believe is the world’s most accurate tool to predict customers switching (churn) among energy utilities (electricity and gas) customers. The VaasaETT Churn Radar has taken 17 years to develop and utilizes VaasaETT’s unrivaled knowledge and experience of global customer switching behaviour.

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